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* Features

– Synchronize multiple iTunes Libraries with ease.

– Works for all iDevices.

– No need to erase your iDevice Library.

– Can be used for audio or video.

– Works with Media Server.

– Works with Windows.

– Works with all versions of iTunes.

– Works with all types of iPods.

– Works with all types of iTune Apps.

– Works with iTunes Match.

– Works with Audiobooks.

– Works with TV Shows and Movies.

– Works with Video games.

– Works with Screen Recorders.

– Works with Play Music.

– Works with iTunes U.

– Works with Podcasts.

– Works with iTunes Radio.

– Works with iTunes Match.

– Works with Music Labels.

– Works with Media Server.

– Works with iOS Remote Control.

– Works with Home Automation.

– Works with Microsoft Remote Desktop.

– Works with Wireless Speakers.

– Works with AirPlay/DLNA.

– Works with AirPlay/DLNA/Mirroring.

– Works with YouTube.

– Works with the latest versions of iTunes.

– Works with OS X Mavericks.

– Works with Mavericks.

– Works with Mountain Lion.

– Works with Lion.

– Works with Snow Leopard.

– Works with Leopard.

– Works with Windows 7.

– Works with Windows Vista.

– Works with Windows XP.

– Works with Windows 2000.

– Works with Windows 95/98.

– Works with Windows Media Player.

– Works with Windows Phone 7.

– Works with Windows Phone 8.

– Works with Windows 8.

– Works with Windows RT.

– Works with Windows Phone 8.1.

– Works with Windows 8.1.

– Works with iOS 6.

– Works with iOS 7.

– Works with iOS 8.

– Works with iOS 9.

– Works with iOS 10.

– Works with iOS 11.

– Works with Apple Watch.

– Works with Apple TV.

– Works with Apple TV 4K.

– Works with Apple TV HD.

UniSync Crack + Download For PC [2022]

UniSync Crack Free Download has features that iTunes doesn’t have
Version History: fix memory leak, switch to using SD Card as cache for new PC, fix invalidating of files for updates in the cache, fix dropping of iTunes db files. Initial version. initial release.
OS: Snow Leopard 10.6 or higher (10.7, 10.8 and 10.9 work, but very buggy on older versions)
Mozilla Firefox 5 or higher
MacPPC, MacIntel, or windows machine for computer/server sync
Your iDevice can be jailbroken, or not.
If your iDevice is jailbroken, you need a PC (Windows or Mac) with an iTunes Library to sync to.
Windows requires the ability to connect to a network as it cannot mount an iPal.
MAC requires your MAC to mount the iPal or your iDevice must be connected to your computer via USB.
Ensure you have proper iDevice security enabled on your iDevice.
For full descriptions of how to do this read the instructions here: iDevice security
For use with iTunes on a Mac, please see the instructions here: iDevice security
If you have a Mac AND a Windows computer that you are syncing your iDevice from, then you will need to do the iDevice security and then the Mac specific steps.
Please also note if you are jailbreaking your iDevice, to do that, you must have a Windows or Mac computer available to unlock it after jailbreaking.
If you are using Apple’s Mobile Device Management solution on a Mac and a Windows computer, then you should use our UniSync2.2.4 update. This update also requires you have an iTunes library on your Mac and Windows computer.
UniSync is a very light weight application that has no features. It will work with any iPod, iPhone, or iPad.
UniSync will work from your iDevice to your Mac or Windows PC, or vice-versa.
You will need to sign into your Mac or Windows iTunes account and have all your albums and videos organised by Artist, Album, Genre or Music/video category and ensure they have a corresponding Genre or Music/video category. You can then either setup a secondary account for syncing, and leave the primary account on your Mac or PC as your iDevice

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What’s new in

– App options changed to make the program the admin of the sync process.

– Sync now occurs in the background (instead of being put into the foreground)

– Both Mac and PC sync now act as the master library with the PC being the

slave. This fixes the issue of having to sync multiple libraries with multiple




– iDevice

– iTunes 11.0+ (If using this app on iPad/iPhone with version 1.7.1 or above of iTunes then this is not necessary)

– Any version of Windows or Mac OS X with iTunes installed

– Any version of iTunes on your PC

– Any version of iTunes installed on your PC

– A blank iDevice with space for both Mac and PC sync

– The sync process can be performed on jailbroken iDevices, however it is

not recommended.

– USB Cable

– iPod/iPhone/iPad USB Dock

– Computer/Laptop/Desktop


– Download the latest version from the link below

– Move the.xip file to your iTunes root folder on your Mac or PC

– Uninstall all versions of iTunes (One of the required components)

– Install iTunes

– Install the.xip file in iTunes, but not into your Music folder

– After installation, use the “Refresh Device” option in iTunes to sync

the music library from your Mac or PC to your iDevice

– After you’ve synced the library from your Mac or PC to your iDevice, your

iDevice is now set as your sync master, allowing for unlimited sync

(Mac -> iDevice; Mac -> iDevice; PC -> iDevice; iDevice -> iDevice; iDevice

-> PC; iDevice -> iDevice; iDevice -> iDevice; iDevice -> iDevice; iDevice

-> iDevice)


– Remove all versions of UniSync and any files/folders it created in your

iTunes folder

– Remove your UniSync.xip file from your iTunes folder

– Remove your UniSync icon from your desktop

– Reinstall all

What’s New In?

UniSync is a lightweight application that allows you to synchronize your iDevice to multiple iTunes libraries. It DOESN’T require JAILBREAK of your iDevice. Now enjoy unlimited audio and video from multiple PC’s without the problem of iTunes prompting you to erase your iDevice Library while syncing with multiple PC’s.

The basics:

1. Load up UniSync in iTunes. It will open your iTunes libraries in a list view.

2. Select the IP Address of your iDevice and click the “RESTORE” button

3. Your iDevice will sync with iTunes as usual. And the best part, it will happen automatically with the iDevice in sleep mode.


System Requirements For UniSync:

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
Minimum 2.5GB of RAM
Minimum 20GB of free disk space
Minimum 1.5GHz dual-core CPU (Intel Core i3 or AMD Athlon 64)
Graphics card:
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 260 or equivalent
AMD® Radeon™ HD 3470 or equivalent
It’s easy to play:
• Easily available anywhere, anytime from your smartphone or tablet


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