An Online Memorial

Roberta Lee Mcleod (nee Roberta Lee Stoltz).
Sept. 12, 1946 – Jun. 17, 2020.
Thank you for coming.

Mom was very insistent that we do not hold a memorial for her. She didn’t want a bunch of people talking in hushed tones, being sad, not knowing what to say, uncertain and basically not enjoying themselves. This is NOT how she wanted to be remembered.

However, we (Mo, Rob, Darren and Suzanne) really wanted a way to celebrate her life, her creativity, and her spirit in a way that allowed everyone she touched to express themselves.

This site was created for that purpose. We want everyone to be able to share the amazing, wonderful stories about Lee that they know.

We understand that not everyone is as experienced on the computer as Mom was! So, we have made the site very easy to contribute to by offering three ways for everyone to send their memories:

Simplest: email your memory and photo to I will post it, then send you a reply when it’s done.

Simple, Fast & Optionally Anonymous: At the bottom of each page and post, there is a “leave a comment” box. Fill out as much as you are comfortable with. The form asks for name and email, but that’s not mandatory.

Most Fun (but a little harder) – You can register to get a password on the site. This allows you to create a post of your own, and add video, pictures, whatever! To ‘register’ scroll to the bottom of this page, look under the “Meta” heading and click “Register”.

If you have a photo of a “Lee Creation”, and not back story, that’s great! Just email it to and I’ll post it in the photo album!

Please note that it may take up to a day for your posts, photos and comments to appear.

Thanks for sharing the ways that Lee touched your lives. It means a lot to us all.

Mo, Rob, Darren, Suzanne