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Fade Edge PC/Windows


Easy set up.

Compatible with most versions of Paint.net.

Adjusts edges to look like they’re being faded away.

Easy to use.

Paint.net Photo Effects Plugin

Easy set up.

Compatible with most versions of Paint.net.

Adjusts edges to look like they’re being faded away.

Easy to use.

What’s New

Version 2016.05.14:

[**] Fixes, stability improvements.
[*] See the new About window.

What’s New

Version 2016.01.07:

* [**] Fixes.
[*] Fixed wrong thumbnail in About window.

What’s New

Version 2014.01.09:

[*] Fixed order of plugins on list of installed extensions.

What’s New

Version 2014.12.12:

[*] Fixes.
[*] Fixes unstable plugin.

What’s New

Version 2014.09.26:

[*] Fixes.
[*] Fixed the sample/samples list in the main window.
[*] Added samples.
[*] Improved documentations.
[*] Improved the appearance of the list of installed plugins.

What’s New

Version 2014.05.10:

[*] Fixes.
[*] Improved the appearance of the list of installed plugins.

What’s New

Version 2014.04.24:

[*] Fixes.
[*] Improved the appearance of the plugins list.
[*] Improved plugin appearance in documentations.

What’s New

Version 2014.04.22:

[**] Fixes.
[*] Improved plugin appearance in documentations.

What’s New

Version 2014.03.31:

[*] Improves appearance of the plugins.
[*] Fixes some bugs.
[*] General bug fix.
[*] Improved documentation.
[*] Improved the order of plugins in list.

What’s New

Version 2014.02.12:

[*] Improved user experience.
[*] Added ability to add multiple effects to the same layer.
[*] Improved preview options.
[*] Rewritten non-core features.

What’s New in the?

Fade Edge is a plugin specially designed for Paint.net, which gives you the possibility to apply an effect to images or selected objects to make their edges look like they’re fading.
It features two customization settings that can be easily configured not only by skilled Paint.net users, but also by those planning to learn it.
How to set up and access
In order to get this tool up and running, it’s necessary to copy the downloaded DLL file to the “Effects” folder in Paint.net’s installed directory, relaunch the application is it was already running prior to this step, as well as start Fade Edge from the “Photo” submenu in the “Effects” menu. It’s marked with a small icon that looks like the piece of a puzzle, which indicates all external extensions in this graphic editing utility.
Apply and personalize fade effects
After loading the photograph in the main window, you can bring up the small panel of the plugin to apply the edge filter while adjusting its width and power. This can be done by moving two sliders, entering the numerical value, or by clicking on two buttons to increase or decrease this number. Any setting can be reverted to default with the click of a button.
The photo effects can be previewed during the adjustment. This way, you’re not forced to commit changes just to be able to check results and eventually undo the actions or remove the last created layer if you’re not pleased with the outcome.
Evaluation and conclusion
We haven’t experienced any compatibility issues with the most recent edition of Paint.net in our evaluation. Although Fade Edge hasn’t been updated for a long time, it integrated successfully and didn’t cause any stability problems. Photos with filters were quickly rendered during previews.
Soft edges for the notebook

Processing and Export


FadeEdge – Photoshop Plugin

Download the files below or click “Download” to proceed to the next page. After download is complete, click “Extract” to unzip the archive and import the.zip file to Adobe Photoshop.


You must be logged in to access or obtain the files.

All Photoshop extensions that have been released by our customers are free to use and are not being sold as packages. We upload the content to our website in the hope that it can be useful for other users and we can earn a little money with our hard work.

FadeEdge is a photo effects plugin for

System Requirements:

1024 MB of available hard disk space
OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 (32-bit/64-bit)
Processor: 3.4 GHz or faster
Display: 1280×1024 minimum resolution, 1680×1050 recommended
Graphics: DirectX 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Input: Keyboard, Mouse
The download includes a Read Me document containing important information. Please read it carefully before installing.
Once you have installed the application, you need to add a license


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