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Easy-Fit Express is an application that was designed to solve constrained nonlinear parameter estimation problems.
Synonyms are data fitting, nonlinear regression, parameter identification, curve and surface fitting. The numerical methods are based on highly efficient Gauss-Newton-SQP algorithms.
Model functions are defined in a modeling language called PCOMP and are interpreted and evaluated during runtime.


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Model functions are defined in a modeling language called PCOMP and are interpreted and evaluated during runtime.
Several typical PCOMP functions are included, the classical least squares fitting, the generalized modal curves, the universal cubic curve, the power functions, the polynomial fitting and the exponential fitting.

In the Easy-Fit Express toolbox, there are many methods to fit nonlinear data. The fitting can be done either through the graphical user interface or through the free forms that can be entered through the command line of the software.
The optional fitting can be performed from the mathematical programming interface or the numerical optimization interface. The extra optional features of the fitting toolbox are options such as convergence threshold, optimal interval search and constraining function.

Basic fitting


Sine function

Sine function is the first basic function that is included in Easy-Fit Express toolbox.
Sine(x) = sin(pi * x)
(Note that this curve is not invertible)

Y function
The y function has a simple equation.
y(x) = 1
y(x) = x – cos(pi * x)

C function
The c function is defined by the first-order polynomial and can be used to model the first-order fluctuation of a function.
y(x) = c * x + a * x^2

The additional PCOMP functions are:

Straight line
The straight line has a simple equation.
y(x) = c + d * x
(Note that this curve is not invertible)

Cubic function
The cubic function is defined by the first-order polynomial.
y(x) = a * x^3 + c * x^2 + d * x + e

The additional PCOMP functions are:

Quartic function
The quartic function is defined by the second-order polynomial.
y(x) = a * x^4 + c * x^3 + d * x^2 + e * x + f

The additional PCOMP functions are:

Power function
The power function is defined by the first-order polynomial.
y(x) = c * x^x

The additional PCOMP functions are:

Exponential function
The exponential

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Easy-Fit Express is not only a nonlinear parameter estimation tool but also a modeling language.
During the parameter identification process the user is asked to define a model function.
The best (in terms of the objective function) model parameter set and model function are then stored in an XML format file (which is called model file) for later uses.
During evaluation Easy-Fit Express calls the chosen model function and gives the user the result. The user is then asked if the result is satisfactory. 

Easy-Fit Express Features:
The Easy-Fit Express modeling language is very flexible:
• The type of a model function can be Boolean, Integer, Float, Number or String.
• Single, Multiple and Adjoint Variables can be defined.
• All variables defined as nominal and real are stored in rows and columns respectively.
• Parameters can be defined as nominal, Integer, Number or Float.
• There are many options for defining the objective function, the optimization algorithm and the plotting function.
• The Easy-Fit Express meta-language allows the user to define functions with abstract arguments, which are later replaced by explicit arguments during evaluation.
• Easy-Fit Express has a feature called default values, which allows the user to assign default values for all or individual variables.
• Easy-Fit Express has a number of predefined model functions such as Simple Regression, Linear Regression, Polynomial Regression, Basic Box Plot, Cubic B-Spline Surface and more.
• Easy-Fit Express has many predefined models like Normal Distribution, Poisson Distribution, Bimodal Distribution, Log Normal Distribution, 
• Basic Regression (Linear, Polynomial, Spline and more)
• Basic Boxplot
• Basic Bar Plot
• Basic Cumulative Normal
• Basic Normal Distribution
• Basic Normal Distribution Box Plot
• Categorical Data in Tukey Boxplot (In and Out)
• Basic Curves (Straight Line, Quadratic, Cubic)
• Basic Curves
• Basic Area and Boundaries
• Basic Bimodal Distribution Box Plot
• Bimodal Distribution Tukey Box Plot
• Basic Cumulative Normal Curves
• Basic Cumulative Normal Box Plot
• Basic Cumulative Normal Area and Boundaries


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What’s New In Easy-Fit Express?

Easy-Fit Express is an application designed to solve constrained nonlinear parameter estimation and data fitting problems.
It provides an environment that allows users to select an objective function and a set of constraints that describe their application.
Easy-Fit Express solves this problem using the highly efficient Gauss-Newton-SQP method.
Input data are preprocessed and may be parsed by Easy-Fit Express using a modeling language.
The output is evaluated according to the constraints and constraints are evaluated for each optimization step using the objective function.
Easy-Fit Express provides a graphical interface (GUI) to model, input, output and compile a model.
Easy-Fit Express is also able to evaluate quality.
It uses the PCOMP modeling language that is based on objects, classes and properties.
The PCOMP language, which was developed by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, can be evaluated at runtime. This means that it does not require additional file preparation, and that there are no longer runtime bottlenecks due to the use of special formats for other libraries, and it can be seen whether the input data are correct.
Easy-Fit Express is a product of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is also the author of the PCOMP language.
Easy-Fit Express Note:
Easy-Fit Express works on the Microsoft Windows operating system. It runs on Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. You can run Easy-Fit Express on your desktop, or download the Windows version and install it into the operating system.
How Easy-Fit Express Works:
Easy-Fit Express is a command line program.
You use the Easy-Fit Express graphical interface to interact with Easy-Fit Express.
At runtime, the graphical interface calls the Easy-Fit Express executable, and parameters are passed to this executable.
The Easy-Fit Express executable then performs the nonlinear optimization, based on user commands.
At the end of this process, the Easy-Fit Express executable returns the parameters of the model, as well as the objective function value and the change in the objective function value.
Easy-Fit Express Modeling Language:
Easy-Fit Express uses the PCOMP modeling language.
Data are imported from a file or from the standard input (STDIN).
If necessary, data can be preprocessed using import functions in the

System Requirements:

Video Settings:


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