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csv2shp is a fast and efficient bulk data converter from CSV to Shapefile.It currently assumes the first two columns are X and Y coordinates. Any remaining columns are exported as text columns in the database file.
Usage: csv2shp filename


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csv2shp Full Crack is a simple Windows C/C++ command line utility that reads a csv file and saves the first two columns to a Shapefile. It currently assumes that the first two columns are X and Y coordinates. Any other columns are exported as text columns.

This utility can be used to facilitate bulk inserts of CSV data into a shapefile. It can also be used to convert and save a large number of files at once.

csv2shp is designed to run as a command line program, so it can be used as a batch tool. It can also be used as an application which invokes the executable, having the appropriate filters applied to the command line.

csv2shp is released under the GPL. For more information, please see the README file included with this release.

csv2shp Releases:

N.B: This example will assume you have your csv file sitting in the same directory as csv2shp.



The original csv2shp project has been taken over by:
Try it.
It has a newer, commented main.cpp.


I find that with the csv2shp project it can often be done in the same window when you export the output with: File->Export->To shapefile… or File->Export->To sql file….
This is a great tool and I highly recommend you give it a shot

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A tool to easily convert CSV files to Shapefiles.
Copies all fields (except the first two columns) from the CSV file into the database file.
Optional fifth argument keeps fields that we don’t want for the shapefile. The fifth argument is a comma separated list of field names to be ignored.
This is currently only available for Oracle and SQL Server
csv2shp Crack Free Download file.csv -f.layer1.sql -l.layer2.sql -t.layer3.sql -a.layer4.sql


csv2shp Crack Free Download


You can also use awk to achieve same.
awk -F “,” ‘{if($1==”0″ || $1==”0.0″|| $1==”0.0″|| $1==”0.0.0″|| $1==”″){$4=”TEXT”;}else if($1==”1″|| $1==”1.0″|| $1==”1.0.0″|| $1==”″){$4=”TEXT”} else{$0=$1FS”0″}{$1=0FS”0″}{print}}’ OFS=”,” OFMT=F TAB=”,” file.csv > file.shp

Its more powerful than python.


Use the Python module pandas.
import pandas as pd

data = pd.read_csv(‘file.csv’, header=None, engine=’python’, delim_whitespace=True)
data.insert(0, ‘C1′,”)
data.to_sql(name=’shp_table’, con=self.connect(), if_exists=’append’, index=True)

Create the table shp_table before calling the to_sql.


Templated inline members in class

I was wondering about the following code:
struct x {

Csv2shp Free

csv2shp converts text files to shapefiles while creating a database behind the scenes.The database is not created in the directory where the original csv file is located, but instead at the base-directory on the drive where the shapefile output directory is located (Drive\path\to\shapefile\directory)
The disadvantage is that you need to put the csv file in the same directory or place it on the path to the database directory

The tool is currently only available on the Windows platform,
The first two columns of the csv file are assumed to be the x and y coordinates.

The tool can only handle text files and assumes the first two columns are x and y coordinate values. This should NOT be a problem, as most shapefiles will have first two columns a x,y coordinate pair, which can be used as the x,y coordinates in a location. But if it causes an error, you can directly write the coordinates into a text file and import it in csv2shp.

It can only export one row of data at a time.
It can only convert CSV files to shapefiles.



How to use csv2shp:
#Install the csv2shp module as a script
conda install -c conda-forge csv2shp

#Pipe the results of the modul to a file
python csv2shp.py -i csv-file.csv > shp-file.shp

#Change the shp-file.shp to be a.dbf
#No need to use python makeShape.py, as that does not convert the DBF

-path to shapefiles path

Example #1
#Test csv2shp.py without arguments
csv2shp /home/minime/old/test/example.csv

#Test csv2shp.py with arguments
csv2shp -i /home/minime/old/test/example.csv -o /home/minime/old/test/example2.shp

Example #2
#Sourcing the CSV files for all, but only exporting a subset of it
#No need to use the -o /home/minime/old/test/example2.shp argument,

What’s New In?

This script copies the input data into a file which is capable of being opened in Microsoft Excel. The output file has the same name as the input file. All fields except the first two fields are copied into the output file. The first two fields in the input file are replaced with X and Y coordinates that are double precision and equally separated. All remaining columns are copied as text columns in the database file.

When running the script the program will prompt for a filename as an input parameter.
If there is no input parameter specified the program assumes the input data file as csv2shpfilename.txt.
Then, if an output file is not specified the program will change the default output filename to the input filename, or input filename +.shp if no input file specified.
After it changes the default output filename, the program will prompt for an output filename.


FILE – Input file name
OUTPUT – Output filename without the extension
OUTPUT_TYPE – Output type, table, property, view or query

Free icon designed by Carlos Avila de Espinosa.


The following script creates an Excel workbook with an embedded table that has the input data as the only data, with the first two columns being coordinates.
## csv2shp.ps1

# Set input parameters
$InputFile = (Resolve-Path $FileName)
$OutputFile = $InputFile.Name.Replace(“.txt”,”.xlsx”)
$Type = $Type

# Check if the output file exists
if(Test-Path $OutputFile)
# If so then delete it
Remove-Item $OutputFile -Force -ErrorAction Stop

# Load input data
$Excel = New-Object -com Excel.Application
$Excel.Visible = $false
$Workbook = $Excel.Workbooks.Add()
$Worksheet = $Workbook.ActiveSheet
$Sheet = $Worksheet.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32/64-bit)
Processor: 2.5 GHz
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB, AMD Radeon HD 7950 3GB, Intel HD 4000
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 6 GB available space
Additional Notes:
This version of the game will run on Windows 8.1, but will require additional patches that will not be included. For this reason we are


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