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It is open-source software (GPL) with a heavy focus on customization.
It supports PHP, MySQL, PL/SQL and Perl scripts and can be integrated with the Web by a lot of modules.
FreeCS supports a lot of web-technologies like RSS, Atom and Ajax.
It’s suitable for any kinds of tasks on the Web, but it is a must to have a look at the documentation and examples before to start.
FreeCS features:
■ Based on Java and Apache2
■ File uploads
■ Scripting by PHP, MySQL, Perl, PL/SQL
■ CSV Import and Export
■ RSS (RSS 1.0, 1.1, 2.0) and Atom support
■ Authorization
■ Web-platform, which supports any kind of server and scripting language
■ Gettext support for i18n
■ Customizations via Ruby on Rails, MVC, AJAX and CSS (by using the free-script-framework Joomla)
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BESTMACRO Description:
HEADER(“Example – FreeCS Torrent Download”);
// Main Content
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What is a KEYMACRO?
In “FreeCS”, you will never really need a KEYMACRO as it is just used to put a identifier into the HTML-Code for your messages. The KEYMACRO is just used as a “Label” to identify your Message in the HTML-Code.
So there is no special processing in the back-end, as there are no Java-Keywords and only the HTML-Tags are doing the Processing.
Why is a KEYMACRO used?
As said before, there is no special processing of your Keywords and you only have the code inside your HTML-Code.
So this way there is no resource waste and you may use a unlimited amount of Keywords or other different labels, which identify the different messages.
I think it is easier to tell you, that a KEYMACRO is used to not have to write the Keyword-Tag “keyword” for every message, instead the KEYMACRO is just a nice way to identify your message inside the HTML-Code.
Can a KEYMACRO be used to put in Keywords and that it is taken from a File?

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(Sorry, I could be more specific here, but the code is huge and must be analyzed by a human)
FreeCS is a Java based simple-to-use-client for the open (and free) protocol gopherspace.
It is based on the PureJava-framework and was programmed in Java6.
In FreeCS the user gets two options:
Select-Menus and/or Text-Menus
And gets a “Widget”-Area, where he can place the Widget.
(A Widget is simply a layout with a few controls and some functions).
The Client has an easy interface, too.
It does not need any “Java-Applets”.
FreeCS uses the new class “” to get information about the (real or hidden) Server.
(Which includes authentication and authorization)
“FreeCS” works with the Gopherspace by an own Browser, which also implements a User-authentication and a Web-authentication.
It also uses the “Java”-“Web-technology” to get information about the Server and the current user.
The “FreeCS” Browser is very small.
(About 350 lines of code)
It uses all Java-friendly technologies.
And it’s very lightweight.
In the following you can find some features of FreeCS, which may be usefull:
■ A Logo of FreeCS.
■ A clean interface, which is easy to understand.
■ It’s completely free of need for Java-Applets.
■ It is build around a single concept, named “Widget”.
■ It does not require any special “Firmware” on your Client.
■ It requires no “Modification” to your Client.
■ It’s open (and free) source.
■ It’s written in Java, making it platform-independent.
■ It is written completely in Java.
■ It uses a new class to obtain the information from the Server.
■ It uses an own Authentification Scheme and Authorization Scheme.
■ It’s optimized for speed.
■ It uses a new class for networking.
(It’s fully compatible with old-type-networking)
There are some demands from the Community, I try to fulfill as many of these as possible.
What makes FreeCS

What’s New In?

FreeCS is a server-client-based system for realtime-chat, which provides the possibility of many services to its users. The most important features are:
■ Multiple users with a possibility to login and to log out
■ Help, providing information to new users or helping with already known commands
■ Chat (to chat with multiple users at the same time)
■ Who is online (to see all users who are online)
■ Modifications of the chat (like multiple changing of color, highlight of text or message…)
■ Online presence (to see how others look like, where they are, where they are and what they do)
■ Third-party services: Twitter, Facebook or Google can be integrated to increase the services
■ Shared streaming (one may listen to the chat without a connection to the server)
■ Compatible with every client and even with Java-applets (requires a web-browser)
■ Video-calling (initiated by some users or it may work in another way)
■ Text-messages may contain images, with the possibility to upload them to the server (like screenshot of your desktop)

I was able to have a working version, but the problem was that it only worked for one user at a time.
So the question is how do I fix that so that I can use the “who is online” function, where I can see how many users are currently on the server (so that I can see which one of my friends is online)?
I would really like to use that part of the server, so that’s why I was asking if it is possible to “use” multiple users at the same time.
Maybe even combining that with the “who is online” function? I tried it, but then I got a permission denied error message, which I do not understand why I got that error, since I am an administrator of the machine.


The problem is, that you can’t just write to a socket, which is used by the server. So the server only listens to a single socket, which is used by the one and only user.
The solution would be to write to another socket, which is used by the server for the same user as the client.
In your client, you can do this like this:

In your server, do the following:
int clientID =…;
Socket socket = new Socket(hostname, port);

System Requirements:

List of features:
– Full Controller Support
– Full Machine Support
– Just Single Player Experience
– Support to Cover Skin Compatible and
– Support to Cover Anti-Cheat
– Support for Cover:
– Keyboard Cover
– Mouse Cover
– Computer Screen Cover
– Support to Cover:
– Keyboards:
– 40 Different compatible keyboards
– Keyboard layout compatible with gameplay and
– Keyboards layout compatible with gameplay and
– Keyboards layout compatible with gameplay

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